Author: Jo Kuhn

This Is How You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level With Office Supplies Stores


Are you always inconvenienced with unreliable supplies to your office? It is time that you need with professionals in the supply of your office equipment that can make all of your office operations as efficient as possible. This therefore means that you need to carry out research pertaining to the nature of the suppliers that […]

The Benefits of Semantic Search in SEO Services

The Benefits of Semantic Search in SEO Services

What is semantic search and why should SEO services use it? Why, to impress our good friend Google. Namely, its ‘magical’ algorithms. It is ideal for a Sydney digital marketing agency to work together with these clever calculations to help the search engine keep up with human conversation.   The algorithms now focus less on […]

Why Video Is King In SEO Circles


The practice of search engine optimisation is always shifting and adapting to a landscape that is comprised of many parts. Yet there is one facet that has remained front and center for driving traffic and helping brands become more visible on the World Wide Web – video.   A search engine with the power and […]

Top Apps For Professional SEO Users


Brands who engage in SEO must have tools at their disposal to ensure that they are generating the best possible results. It is not enough to throw content out there to the masses ad hoc without a plan and strategy to follow through on the good work and improve the bad.   So what applications […]

Should News and Current Events Influence Your SEO Strategy?


How important is news and current events to your SEO efforts? The answer to this question will vary depending on your profile and niche, yet there are some fundamental truths that will ensure those brands who keep themselves up to date are ahead of the game.   Here is why that is the case. Niche […]

Ranking Organic SEO vs. Online Paid Advertising


Small businesses who begin their journey to marketing online are usually confronted with one of two different strategies. The first is to opt for the long-term objective of ranking number one on Google through a series of techniques that requires time and diligence. The second is to invest in an online blitz where you score […]

Is SEO Value For Money With Local Businesses?

local business

Small scale businesses that are based in city centres and regional locations alike might scoff at the notion of SEO being a vital part of their marketing endeavours.   From billboards to flyers, newspaper advertisements, Yellow Pages listings and word of mouth around town, there are traditional forms of marketing that are considered superior for […]

Importance of SEO For Small Businesses

small business

Search engine marketing is an activity that is not limited to the rich and powerful. The World Wide Web is very much that – an open portal open to all brands and businesses around the world.   Just by tapping into a handful of key techniques, you can transition from a nobody to a successful […]

Importance of Email Marketing To An SEO Campaign

email marketing

Given the sheer amount of choice that digital marketers have at their disposal, email is probably regarded as a secondary option when thinking about SEO. From your keyword research to updating your website and including all of the necessary social media links, why should you bother with email in the grand scheme of things?   […]

Future Technologies That Could Impact The Practice of SEO

New technology

SEO is an activity that never sits still. Working to reflect the changing nature of consumer habits as mobile technologies overtake our reliance on desktop, marketers are forced to stay up to date on all matters that affect digital visibility.   So looking to 2018 and beyond, what should you as a brand be aware […]