Small businesses who begin their journey to marketing online are usually confronted with one of two different strategies. The first is to opt for the long-term objective of ranking number one on Google through a series of techniques that requires time and diligence. The second is to invest in an online blitz where you score bang for buck and a quick injection of views.


Neither option is full proof and each has their own flaws to confront. However, in order to give you a greater picture of the scenario you are facing, we have ranked each practice according to some of the key guidelines.

Credibility: Organic SEO


The audience trusts a number one ranking on Google more than they ever would a Google Adword spot. Due to the advertisement being promoted and listed as such, there is an accepted understanding from the community at large that a brand sitting atop the ranking is there for a genuine reason.

Short-Term Visibility: Paid Adverts


A correct SEO strategy that follows all the right rules still needs 3-4 months before tangible results are seen. An advertisement can score clicks and impressions in a matter of minutes. Should you require a quick hit of traffic, there is no comparison.

Click-Through Rate: Organic SEO


A well placed listing that achieves that through organic methods will receive a greater click-through rate. Outside of a handful of exceptions, this has proven to be the case.

Costs: Paid Adverts


Adwords require a small amount on a minimum spend, but outside of those restrictions, there is no limit to what you can invest. SEO is a long-term strategy where costs can be difficult to determine in association to the specific targets, but adverts will illustrate clearly what the cost is immediately.

Long-Term Viability: Organic SEO


While the commercials offer an injection, that visibility needs further investment to remain valid. The alternative of processing a clear keyword strategy with multimedia integration and a gradual building of a consumer base pays off for long-term viability.

Flexibility: Paid Adverts


A paid advertisement can run for a day, a week or a month and be stopped at any moment. If wording, branding or the targeting of demographics needs to be changed, it can be done at a flick of a switch. For Google to recognise a change in strategy from an organic SEO standpoint, there could be weeks before that translates to the right type of clicks.



The best option to take for a majority of outlets is a healthy combination of organic SEO and paid advertising spots. It will offer a complimentary strategy where all eggs are not placed in the same basket, but rather diversified to give the best possible outcome.