How important is news and current events to your SEO efforts? The answer to this question will vary depending on your profile and niche, yet there are some fundamental truths that will ensure those brands who keep themselves up to date are ahead of the game.


Here is why that is the case.

Niche Fluctuations


If there is a stock price that rises or falls for a commodity, then it is vital that optimisers take note of these events. The fluctuations that will occur within a niche will affect the bottom line of a business and also affect the shopping and searching habits of the community at large.


If a transport company sees a rise in toll prices or exporting from one country to another includes a new tax, that is information that should be recognised and addressed. It will provide an added means of engagement as customers see a brand that is willing to educate their base and provide value.

Competition Research


From business partnerships to buyouts and innovations of new products, keeping updated with news and current events can be another means of opposition research. There will be internal and external factors that influence your search engine ranking, and having your finger on the pulse with alterations to competitor business models is imperative to acting on these changes and offering a counter strategy.

Understanding New Household Technologies


Elements such as voice search technologies and AI apparatus’s ensure that businesses need to understand where the market is heading in respect of digital marketing endeavours. Becoming visible in 2018 and beyond will force enterprises to adapt their methods to handheld devices and applications that are more accessible and user-friendly than before.

Tap Into RSS and Social Media Feeds


Rather than attempting to understand the minute-by-minute changes to the news as you try and run a business in the interim, why not make the news a feature for your content strategy? By flipping the switch to a degree you can take advantage of niche-related news and events that will emerge on your timeline by offering an added feature on your website, through email marketing endeavours and your own social media accounts.


This tactic will ensure that brand messages are included to boost your standing in the eyes of search engines as well as giving consumer value for followers who want to be educated and up to date themselves. Optimisers can generate their own Google alerts for these matters, but can put forth RSS feeds of sites that inform communities about news topics that are relevant to them and their interests.