Brands who engage in SEO must have tools at their disposal to ensure that they are generating the best possible results. It is not enough to throw content out there to the masses ad hoc without a plan and strategy to follow through on the good work and improve the bad.


So what applications are out there for businesses small and large alike to develop this efficient operating model? Here we have outlined some of the key apps in the market that will help you manage your optimisation process.



Posting on social media requires a degree of diligence and use of space. Even though some posting applications have an unlimited amount of space, the audience will only have so much attention before tuning out. Bitly manages to limit a large URL down to an essential link, allowing a brand to brandish their keywords through hashtags and descriptions.



Still going strong since their inception in 2001, Mailchimp continues to lead the market when it comes to email marketing to the masses. From killer templates to integration of Facebook and Twitter accounts, this is an application that allows for a clean platform where keywords and multimedia can be included as part of a grander strategy. Combine this with a concise analytic software program to examine data, and this is a must from an SEO point of view.



A market leader in every sense of the word, Facebook’s range of reach and ability to target individual consumers is a powerful outlet that cannot be ignored. Advertisement spots have the capacity to identify users via demographics including age, gender, location, occupation and general interests and hobbies. This cuts out much of the added optimisation work that online marketers must endure through other programs.



Video remains the single most viable medium tool to attract and engage online users. Given that YouTube is a social media outlet, there is a great amount of capacity to share and embed this content format on websites, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere on the World Wide Web.



It can be incredibly difficult when a professional in the online marketing field wants to examine and run a series of accounts all simultaneously. This is where Hootsuite becomes a tremendous asset as every single social media account can be housed and planned at once. Think of all the intricacies of running a keyword strategy across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and beyond – Hootsuite ensures that optimisers are hitting their correct benchmarks.