Yes, the inevitable summer months are quickly encroaching upon us, and with it, comes the tirade of residents looking for concrete pools on the Gold Coast. As children, everyone wanted to be the kid with concrete pools on the Gold Coast, they’re fantastically adept at keeping the summer heat under control and have the expressed benefit of being aesthetically gorgeous to look at (if you get the right builders of course).

As temperatures continue to rise at astronomical rates and with a saddening level of consistency, concrete pools on the Gold Coast are becoming much more than a simple option, they’re becoming a staple, a necessity, and a symbol of summer itself for Queenslanders.

There have been a lot of changes in the realm of concrete pools on the Gold Coast, from sturdier and more reliable materials to the design options of the additions themselves. As they also becoming more affordable, concrete pools on the Gold Coast still retain their ability to enhance a home, in price as well as aesthetic appeal.

The Common Options

While we are discussing concrete pools on the Gold Coast, it’s best to give a little due to the other options you’ll find with a lot of builders and designers.

Vinyl is certainly on the way out in terms of being a popular choice for builders, mostly due to the environmental factors, and the lower durability factors present in the material build. While they are a little more affordable, they fit the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Fibreglass is often touted as the main competitor for concrete pools on the Gold Coast, mostly due to their durability and sturdiness. One aspect that has been found lacking in the Fibreglass option is that of flexibility and customisation. As fibreglass options are typically moulded already, it can be hard to adjust for different areas of the exterior that can efficiently house them.

The Allure of Concrete Pools on The Gold Coast

Concrete pools Gold Coast

There is a lot to love about concrete pools on the Gold Coast besides their obvious aesthetical superiority. The most obvious being the sturdiness and reliability of the material which showcases why elemental damage is not usually reported on these varieties, this is because the underlying material is able to withstand the brute force of cold and wintery evenings, as well as the baking hot sun that Queensland is known to host.

The customisation is a benefit we have mentioned a few times already, but just to bring it home we’ll break it down a little further here. The size and shape of concrete pools on the Gold Coast can be adjusted to whatever design or shape you can imagine – so this essentially means that the more awkwardly sized exteriors have an option, which has always been a principal factor.

Installation & Maintenance

While it’s all well and good to give the trumpet call for concrete pools on the Gold Coast, but being fair and balanced, there are a few setbacks to be aware of. The time taken to implement and install these beautiful additions are among the longest of the choices available. Instead of the previous iterations like Fibreglass and Vinyl which only take 3-7 weeks to install, it usually takes around 3-6 months based on the difficulty and scale.

That being said, nothing worth having is ever simple or easy and the chances are it may take a little extra time and have a little more maintenance necessity. One thing is sure though, you’ll have the cool and crisp summer days that you’ve always dreamed of.