Business owners are told time and time again that SEO is a fundamental practice that must be engaged with in 2018. Yet given time and financial constraints, why should you run such an endeavour on company time when an overseas expert can fill in?


Whilst that might save you some short-term pain, there are long-term consequences for taking this short cut.

Cultural Misinterpretations


Crossing borders to be in touch with global operators is one of the great advantages of utilising the internet. The downside to this choice when it comes to outsourcing your SEO efforts is a lack of understanding to cultural norms when marketing to a select community of people. From the language to modes of communication and means of promoting a positive image, an outsourced party from North America, Europe, Africa or Asia might fall victim to oversight when networking for an Australian-based brand.

No Knowledge of Brand


What does your brand stand for and what are the core messages you are seeking to promote? Simply calling up an outsourced SEO expert out of the blue might open up the possibility that your optimisation strategy runs contrary to those principles. This is where an internal SEO campaign holds a major advantage.

No Knowledge of Niche


From IT developers to car manufacturers or cake makers, an outsourced party will likely fail to understand some of the unique qualities that defines the niche they are working within. There will be fundamental practices to boost visibility that works across the board, yet there will be a common language and style of presentation that only professionals in that field will appreciate.

No Internal Knowledge Gleaned


This is a fact that is true of any outsourcing option taken by an enterprise – you access an expert on the spot but fail to glean any knowledge about the practice yourself. Such a scenario keeps the business at a distance from an activity they should be understanding from an internal basis, a move that would pay off in the long-term.

Opens Up Black-Hat Tactics


Should you have undertaken your homework and researched the freelancer or firm that will perform the necessary SEO duties, there should not have been any red flags to concern you over their services.


However, due to time constraints, a lack of clarity or simply because of a degree of naiveté, some outsourced optimisers will chose to cut corners and engage in black-hat SEO tactics.


This will include techniques such as keyword and link stuffing, redirecting, hidden text or cloaking. These will be tactics that a search engine like Google will severely punish you for and it can take weeks or months before you regain the trust of the brand again.