Given the sheer amount of choice that digital marketers have at their disposal, email is probably regarded as a secondary option when thinking about SEO. From your keyword research to updating your website and including all of the necessary social media links, why should you bother with email in the grand scheme of things?


The reality though is that this form of communication continues to garner results despite some antipathy towards it as a “stale” application. Place aside your concerns about spamming accounts and focus on the benefits that this option can create for your brand awareness and business messaging for your clientele.

Cost Efficiency


Establishing an email template that includes your details and promotions will take some hours at the desk, but once that framework has been established, the ability to market is incredibly cost efficient. Of course there will be a need to make changes on the fringe from time to time, but unlike alternatives that cost big dollars, email promotions are a simplified process.

Proven Method of Engagement


One of the most prevalent elements for optimisers to achieve is the ability to score a high click-through rate and to generate content that engages the targeted consumer. Whereas social media posts and generic advertisements can be readily ignored, emails garner a greater response particularly when sent as business-to-business modes of communication.

Regular Source of Traffic


Tools such as RSS feeds and subscriptions can ensure that you have a receptive community of people who are open to new offers and promotions from you as a brand. This tackles one of the essential challenges for optimisers who are attempting to promote their product or service to a customer base that open and engage with content on a regular basis. By this metric alone, email is worth your time and investment as an enterprise.

Platform That Utilises All Optimisation Requirements


Consider your essential SEO elements that need to be met:


  • Keywords on headings, descriptions, alt-text, hyperlinks and written content
  • Multimedia inclusion with images and video
  • Backlinks
  • Social media tabs


Email marketing in 2018 makes all of this possible in one central location as it acts as a secondary website platform for users to engage with. Individual campaigns can be crafted to push specialised products or services and each one of these facets can be boosted online with a targeted email campaign towards your consumer base.


Email marketing continues to be a leading SEO performer for many brands.